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Archive for December, 2007

Japan and the world quote of the day

“Among the rumors that went flying around the city was the imaginative one that an unnamed country of the West had developed an eathquake machine and was experimenting upon Japan. There were,nevertheless, no outbreaks of violence against.. westerners. Instead..,the nation turned on Koreans. The government urged restraint .. because the Western world might disapprove.” Read the rest of this entry »

Sports quote of the day

“Infants on steroids”

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Japanese and American families quote

“Americans make efforts to reduce the dependency of a child, and it is not uncommon to hear the mother of a two-year old say ‘You’re a big boy; you can do it yourself.’ This is to shame him into independent behaviour. A Japanese mother would not want that for a young child; she would want more dependence rather than less…”

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Karoshi quote

“It is because so many people work free overtime that Toyota reaps profits. I hope some of those profits can be brought back to help the employees and their families. That would make Toyota a true global leader.” Read the rest of this entry »

Japanese Christmas quotes Part Two

“The Japanese don’t have Christmas, just an image of one” Read the rest of this entry »

Japanese business quote of the day

“It is the accumulation of inefficiency that leads to efficiency”

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Japanese Xmas quote

“If we could gather all electric eels from all around the world, we would be able to light up an unimaginably giant Christmas tree,” Read the rest of this entry »