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Karoshi quote

“It is because so many people work free overtime that Toyota reaps profits. I hope some of those profits can be brought back to help the employees and their families. That would make Toyota a true global leader.”

Hiroko Uchino, wife of “karoshi” death by overwork victim and Toyota employee Kenichi Uchino, who worked 500 hours of unpaid overtime in the 6 months before his death

Quoted in The Economist 22 December 2007

This is one of many pointers that the “good” things about Toyota like reliability and safety of its cars, treating its foreign employees well, green cars etc. are simply pragmatic decisions based ultimately on market share and/ or profits and in no way based on any principles and likely to be abandoned as soon as they decide producing huge SUVs with no hybrid option, safety concerns due to cost cutting, or taking advantage of redundancies in the Big Three to get employees on the cheap are in no way freakish and will probably increase.

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