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Japan as the future quote of the day

“Do you know what time it is in Tokyo now? 4pm tomorrow! It’s the future!”

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Eating very big fish quote of the day

“What about lambs? You people eat lambs. We think lambs are cute. We don’t try to stop you eating them.”

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The Orwellian sounding “Self-defence force” quote of the day

“…in 1952… The Republic of China (Taiwan), the People’s Republic of China on the mainland, the Republic of Korea (South Korea), and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea) all possessed military establishments far larger than what became Japan’s Self-Defense Forces” Read the rest of this entry »

Men in grey suits quote of the day

“The Japanese political system is not known for engineering rapid change or fundamental transformations of existing systems. In fact it is renowned for precisely the opposite: for delivering ‘reform’ that represents ‘no change'” Japan’s Failed Revolution by Aurelia George Morgan

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Japan as Discworld quote of the day

“What’s behind the new lawlessness and aggression? Ironically, much of the problem stems from the highly publicized police crackdown on organized crime and Tokyo’s naughty nightlife, according to [Friday Journalist Ikko Ono]. As the police have driven professional criminals and sleazy touts out of the nightlife districts, university students and other young people have moved in. Without the looming presence of the gangsters, they feel safer — and thus more brazen — than before, he says.” Read the rest of this entry »

Rebellion in Japan quote of the day

“Japanese children soon learn, however, that to resist the system is to battle an army of friendly shadows. Authority resides with no one, and to change the collective habits of the group requires an impossible effort. To escape or rebel is to sever social contacts with those who provide daily companionship and the warmth of social life. Perhaps because this identification occurs early in the child’s life, Japanese exhibit higher levels of social order and less ambivalence toward authority than do Americans”

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Highly paid otaku quote of the day

“The agriculture ministry is not in charge of robots,”

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