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Archive for February, 2008

Paranoid gaijin quote of the day

“As a foreigner walking the streets, I often felt that cold Japanese stare. They were watching me, but indirectly, through their window shades or peripheral vision, to discern whether I was some ‘troublemaker.’ A warm smile did not disarm. If I turned to meet the gaze, the head would quickly turn away”

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Japanese nationalism quote of the day

“One day one of the Korean students asked me if I knew Takeshima, the island in the Sea of Japan that is claimed by both Japan and Korea. There were two or three other Japanese students there, but none of knew about the place… When the Koreans said that Takeshima belonged to them… we just said, ‘Sure, go ahead. Take it.” Read the rest of this entry »

Tokyo equals Godzilla quote of the day

”Tokyo, alone among the world’s great metropolises, is a city without an icon. New York and Hong Kong have their famous skylines, Paris its Eiffel Tower, London its bridges across the Thames. Tokyo has no signature buildings, no skyline, no stunning harbours or rivers. In the popular imagination, Tokyo exists as a sprawl, amorphous and constantly changing…Tokyo is the movie set through which Godzilla stomps and rampages.”

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Japanese (?) conformity quote of the day

“What is absolutely new about this society which is accomplishing such marvels is that in all its many aspects…it is working toward the single goal of production… Hence a growing tendency to reduce all virtues to the primordial ideal of conformity… The nation is not individualistic in mentality, and it therefore accepts this collectivism as part of itself; and the regime really suits it. The material advantages are so great, the security so perfect, and the enthusiasm of collective action in accomplishing stupendous tasks so overwhelming, that in an almost mystical abandon, other considerations are neither heeded nor missed” Read the rest of this entry »

Westernized ja nai! quote of the day

“a certain level of violence is ‘natural among married couples'” One argument by opponents of a law against domestic violence “Instances of ‘violence’ that are not serious in nature, but simple and single, are natural among married couples. The idea of ‘eliminating spousal violence’ is a display of radical feminism”

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Otaku pride quote of the day

“Making and operating model railways is considered by many as the ‘king of hobbies'” Read the rest of this entry »

Japan in one word Quote of the day

“if I were pressed to give a single word which I associated with Japan, the word would be: cozy. Cozy relationships, cozy deals, cozy lives- coziness as a national aspiration. Even I, the foreigner, was folded in the security blanket, and I liked it.” Read the rest of this entry »