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“a certain level of violence is ‘natural among married couples'” One argument by opponents of a law against domestic violence “Instances of ‘violence’ that are not serious in nature, but simple and single, are natural among married couples. The idea of ‘eliminating spousal violence’ is a display of radical feminism”

a letter from “Shuken Kaifuku o Mezasu Kai” quoted in the IHT/ Asahi Shimbun 23 Feb 2008

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  Becky wrote @

If this is true then, hell, call me a radical feminist.

We know that if this case was turned around (not that it ever would be, but let’s speak hypothetically for a moment) and the wife is the one demonstrating violence, then the women would be called derogatory names like “crazy bitch” and the like. But when men are the perpetrators of violence in a marriage, it’s “natural.” I must just be an idealist…

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