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(The same) paranoid gaijin quote of the day

“airports are made inconvenient to discourage foreign travel”

Shutting Out the Sun pg 143

As Narita airport was kept small due to the protests of leftwingers and local farmers and against the plans of the government, I can’t see how it could be a nationalistic LDP plot…

Elsewhere in the book, he also has a sideswipe at the Japanese for building the new Osaka airport in the middle of the bay, whereas if he had just looked at Wikipedia he could have found the information to clear up two misconceptions on just one page, as it says:

“The conflict was a major factor in deciding to build the new Osaka and Nagoya airports (Kansai and Chūbu respectively) offshore on reclaimed land, instead of again trying to expropriate land in heavily populated areas.” (Wikipedia Narita Airport page)

I can’t believe the editor of Shutting Out the Sun actually gets a specific compliment in one of the reviews of the book I read- is basic fact checking not one of the jobs of an editor??? If you agree with me on this one, comments gratefully accepted on my anti-Shutting Out the Sun blog, Shutting Down the Bullshit.

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