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What Japan is he in?? quote of the day

“Foreigners who come for a visit find it hard to enjoy a country where relatively few natives speak passable English, and few signs, maps, or menus are available in Roman script”

Shutting Out the Sun pg 144.

 In my experience, 90% of foreign visitors are delighted with Japan, at least in part because the language is so exotically alien but it doesn’t matter when there are pictures on menus, people will take you all the way to the right platform etc. I hate to think what his friends are like…

Also, in 2006 when this book was published most maps and signs in stations and streets in Tokyo already included English, and I am often annoyed at being automatically given an English menu- trends which have only increased since then. If, however, these things are more bilingual where he comes from (somewhere in the USA), especially if that has happened due to policies of the national government, then I will happily accept that as a valid criticism

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