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Journalistic ESP Quote of the Day

“In a country with a sizable Buddhist population (44 percent) that views karma as an article of faith, there may be more than a few people who believe Seibu is suffering some serious retribution for letting [pitcher Daisuke “Dice K]” Matsuzaka go”

 Don’t know where to start with all the things wrong with that sentence. To start with, why didn’t he just talk to a few people and find out if they really felt it was karma?? He would have almost certainly have found that the answer was “No”, seeing as the concept of karma comes up more in English conversation than it does in Japanese, and the most popular Buddhist sects in Japan don’t particularly focus on karma. Then you have stretching that to a baseball team…Anyone else guessing he just stepped off the plane from Boston and chose a random stat from Let’s Go Japan?

From the IHT bit of yesterday’s International Herald Tribune/ Asahi Shimbun


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