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Archive for April, 2008

A different kind of success quote of the day

“Japan’s miraculous postwar recovery was the result of doing things in a way that fit the unique environment of the time, not because Japan itself is inherently formidable” Read the rest of this entry »

Common Japanese questions Quote of the Day

“moving abroad must have been such a wrench… There are so many Japanese things I’d miss. I’d miss the four seasons like anything. They don’t have four seasons abroad, do they?” Read the rest of this entry »

Being on time in Japan Quote of the Day

“I told him about the jellyfish.
‘That’s quite out of the question,’ he said with authority.
‘But I saw it. I can still feel the tingling on my face.’
The old man pointed across at a calendar.’You see,’ he said as though to a child, ‘the jellyfish season ended yesterday.'” Read the rest of this entry »

No hope for Japan Quote of the Day

“Ideally, the Lower House should be dissolved and an election called to let voters decide. However, given the extent of the public’s loss of faith in both parties, it seems even unfair to force the people to decide” Read the rest of this entry »

Being racist to the racists Quote of the Day

“I’ve never been to a white man’s country and I don’t think I could bear to go. They treat all Asians as inferiors, just as if we were blacks or Jews.” Read the rest of this entry »

Rebellion Japanese-style Quote of the Day

“What distinguishes the [Hell’s Angels-style bousouzoku] gangs from their counterparts in the West is their rigidly organized structure. They charge membership fees, chant slogans and gang anthems, and proudly wear badges and uniforms… Paradoxically, in attempting to escape from the strait jacket of Japanese schooling, these 42,500 youngsters submit to the absolute regimen imposed by the gangs” Read the rest of this entry »