Quote Japan

Interesting, odd, outrageous or informative quotes about Japan

Asahi Shimbun/ IHT- quotes from the English language newspaper

“Making and operating model railways is considered by many as the ‘king of hobbies'” Hiroyuki Sakai in the IHT/Asahi Shimbun Feb 23 2008 No irony intended!

“a certain level of violence is ‘natural among married couples'” One argument by opponents of a law against domestic violence “Instances of ‘violence’ that are not serious in nature, but simple and single, are natural among married couples. The idea of ‘eliminating spousal violence’ is a display of radical feminism” a letter from “Shuken Kaifuku o Mezasu Kai” quoted in the IHT/ Asahi Shimbut 23 Feb 2008

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