Quote Japan

Interesting, odd, outrageous or informative quotes about Japan

Asia- quotes about the continent Japan is nearly part of

“The youth group stood on guard at the entrance to the hamlet every night, and just followed round everybody who came soliciting votes from other hamlets- didn’t say anything, of course, just stood ostentatiously outside each house they went into to show that they had been observed” Democracy Asian-style, as described in a Japanese village in the 70’s in Japan by Ronald P Dore, but could just as easily be Thailand now

“We really believed we were there for China’s sake. But the Chinese weren’t grateful. And we, well, we were all expecting to die, after all. We were all trained not to expect to come back, so it didn’t matter much what you did…. You were doing it on “the other side of death”, you see” WWII veteran, quoted by Ronald P. Dore

“They look like Vietnam refugees” A 1975 family commenting on a 1955 Japanese photo. “Progress”, as quoted by Ronald P Dore

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