Quote Japan

Interesting, odd, outrageous or informative quotes about Japan

Hygiene- Quotes about Japanese baths and toilets

Onsen hot springs, sento public baths, and washletto and warmletto space age toilets

“Water lasers”- washlet toilets, as described in Tokyo Underground by Brian Flynn, Josh Bernard and Jeff Day

“The Japanese toilet is perfection”- Junichiro Tanizaki, quoted by Peter Carey in Wrong about Japan

“He bathes to get warm… and he bathes to meet his friends. But not, I think, to get any cleaner than anyone else…Once the bath is over, too, the dirty underwear goes right back on.” Donald Ritchie

“One sits back in water which doesn’t feel as dirty as it is only because it is so hot….” Donald Ritchie, on the ‘pleasures’ of public bathing

“The… Goemon bath… required considerable skill to use; since the bottom of the cauldron, directly attacked by the flames, was a great deal hotter than the water one could get a nasty burn.” Another conveniently forgotten working class Japanese tradition, Ronald P Dore

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