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Caroline Pover- Quotes from “Being a Broad in Japan”

Being a Broad in Japan

“We go away for the weekend to ‘bond’ and there are all these older married men and single young girls. It’s all so innocent, but in the States no one would stand for that! ‘Bye Honey, I’m off for the weekend to get drunk with a bunch of single young women’, ‘Oh, OK dear, have a good time.'” Being a Broad in Japan pg 321

“Look at a station full of drunk salarymen at 9 o’clock on any evening. They wander round like a bunch of school kids; unable to handle their alcohol, giggling in groups, oblivious to any women in the vicinity; throwing up over the edge of the platform- the image is comical rather than threatening. Compare that with a group of drunk men in your home country, and it’s easy to see why Western women feel so safe.” page 22

“I feel so safe in Japan. I feel I can walk anywhere alone at any time of night wearing anything I like; I don’t get a tight feeling in my stomach when I see a group of lads walking towards me; I don’t hold my breath if I am wearing a miniskirt and walk past construction worker; and if a stranger initiates a conversation, generally I am polite and responsive. This is very different from Plymouth…” page 21

“Some ward offices have an ‘earthquake simulation room’ which, although fascinating, I don’t recommend visiting when your parents come to stay unless you want them to haul you back home on the plane with them.” page 17

“The general attitude of the Japanese police will be something resembling that of those in our own countries twnety years ago- claims that the man in harmless, the man hasn’t really done anything, and even questions regarding your attire and whether you should be out alone at night are not uncommon.” page 24

 ”The use of technology is the greatest difference. In America everyone is so interested in making their job easier and more efficient… Here in Japan, where I thought the technology would be more advanced than the US, many processes are still done manually or on spreadsheets.”
Being a Broad in Japan pg304

“It is not uncommon for these places to be frequented by a group of salarymen who whilst drinking over the table are being relieved under the table, although why anyone would want their colleagues watching them having an orgasm is beyond me… sometimes the Japanese group ethic goes a bit far” Catherine Pover in “Being a Broad in Japan” pg 383

“He could speak some English and I remember that he said, ‘You are in pregnancy. Baby born March,’ and he smiled broadly. From the look on my face he could see that I was not very happy about this news, so he said, ‘Ah, you not happy. No problem. We abortion here.” Being a Broad in Japan pg167

“I do not think the Japanese are equipped to teach their language because they have such difficulty communicating in it themselves” Being a Broad in Japan pg 443

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