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Common Japanese questions Quote of the Day

“moving abroad must have been such a wrench… There are so many Japanese things I’d miss. I’d miss the four seasons like anything. They don’t have four seasons abroad, do they?” Read the rest of this entry »

Being on time in Japan Quote of the Day

“I told him about the jellyfish.
‘That’s quite out of the question,’ he said with authority.
‘But I saw it. I can still feel the tingling on my face.’
The old man pointed across at a calendar.’You see,’ he said as though to a child, ‘the jellyfish season ended yesterday.'” Read the rest of this entry »

Being racist to the racists Quote of the Day

“I’ve never been to a white man’s country and I don’t think I could bear to go. They treat all Asians as inferiors, just as if we were blacks or Jews.” Read the rest of this entry »

Japanese religion Quote of the Day

“a thirteeth-century Ian Paisley” Read the rest of this entry »

Ecstasy in bed Japanese-style

“I got back to the ryokan at midnight to find that the woman had left a pile of comic books by my pillow- Comics for Men and Comics for Ectasy. In Comics for Ectasy naked women were having their breasts sliced off with garden shears, being torn apart by bulls, and rammed with red hot irons. In Comics for Men, they were only being bound and raped.” Read the rest of this entry »