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No hope for Japan Quote of the Day

“Ideally, the Lower House should be dissolved and an election called to let voters decide. However, given the extent of the public’s loss of faith in both parties, it seems even unfair to force the people to decide” Read the rest of this entry »


Journalistic ESP Quote of the Day

“In a country with a sizable Buddhist population (44 percent) that views karma as an article of faith, there may be more than a few people who believe Seibu is suffering some serious retribution for letting [pitcher Daisuke “Dice K]” Matsuzaka go” Read the rest of this entry »

Twisted priorities Quote of the Day

“Schools should teach such fundemental things as where each prefecture is located instead of teaching English in elementary schools” Read the rest of this entry »

Westernized ja nai! quote of the day

“a certain level of violence is ‘natural among married couples'” One argument by opponents of a law against domestic violence “Instances of ‘violence’ that are not serious in nature, but simple and single, are natural among married couples. The idea of ‘eliminating spousal violence’ is a display of radical feminism”

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Otaku pride quote of the day

“Making and operating model railways is considered by many as the ‘king of hobbies'” Read the rest of this entry »