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The terrible fate of Japan Quote of the day

“Alas! Japan could be another New Zealand” Read the rest of this entry »


(The same) paranoid gaijin quote of the day

“airports are made inconvenient to discourage foreign travel” Read the rest of this entry »

Paranoid gaijin quote of the day

“As a foreigner walking the streets, I often felt that cold Japanese stare. They were watching me, but indirectly, through their window shades or peripheral vision, to discern whether I was some ‘troublemaker.’ A warm smile did not disarm. If I turned to meet the gaze, the head would quickly turn away”

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Japanese and gaijin quote of the day

“We sat next to a family that continually stared at us and whispered about us. I didn’t feel they were being unkind, I think they were simply intrigued by us, particularly by my attempts to eat… ” Read the rest of this entry »

Foreign teachers in Japan quote of the day

“It was called a “university” but its proper name was a school of languages. The Japanese had very primitive ideas concerning the fitness of men to teach… Anyone who could speak English could evidently teach it. The idea of a trained professional foreign teacher was never entertained by them… The “Professors” at first obtained were often ex-bartenders, soldiers, sailors, clerks, etc. When teaching, with pipe in mouth, and punctuating their instructions with oaths, or appearing in the classroom top-heavy, the Japanese concluded that such eccentricities were merely national peculiarities.” Read the rest of this entry »