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Nihonjinron quote of the day

“His intent was to show… a constantly changing kaleidoscope of different cultures- not a hard piece of marble monoculture,as the … state suggests- and that acknowledging those differences is an important step towards a healthier society” Read the rest of this entry »


Everything comes from China quote of the day

“I didn’t realize yet that acting means a different thing to Chinese audience members than it does to Americans… American shows always [try] to suspend their audience’s disbelief… TV in China highlights the acting, not just the actor. There is no pretense in China that art should be reflective of reality.” pg 125

Rachel DeWoskin- A quote from “Foreign Babes in Beijing” that could just as easily be about Japan

Japanese nationalism quote of the day

“One day one of the Korean students asked me if I knew Takeshima, the island in the Sea of Japan that is claimed by both Japan and Korea. There were two or three other Japanese students there, but none of knew about the place… When the Koreans said that Takeshima belonged to them… we just said, ‘Sure, go ahead. Take it.” Read the rest of this entry »

Tokyo equals Godzilla quote of the day

”Tokyo, alone among the world’s great metropolises, is a city without an icon. New York and Hong Kong have their famous skylines, Paris its Eiffel Tower, London its bridges across the Thames. Tokyo has no signature buildings, no skyline, no stunning harbours or rivers. In the popular imagination, Tokyo exists as a sprawl, amorphous and constantly changing…Tokyo is the movie set through which Godzilla stomps and rampages.”

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The Orwellian sounding “Self-defence force” quote of the day

“…in 1952… The Republic of China (Taiwan), the People’s Republic of China on the mainland, the Republic of Korea (South Korea), and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea) all possessed military establishments far larger than what became Japan’s Self-Defense Forces” Read the rest of this entry »