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Japanese gentlemen quote of the day

“What’s he think I am- pregnant?” Read the rest of this entry »

J-pop bimbo quote of the day

“After a mother turns 35, her amniotic fluid becomes spoiled. True, true! It gets dirty. That’s why I want her to have a baby before she turns 35” Read the rest of this entry »

Japan as Discworld quote of the day

“What’s behind the new lawlessness and aggression? Ironically, much of the problem stems from the highly publicized police crackdown on organized crime and Tokyo’s naughty nightlife, according to [Friday Journalist Ikko Ono]. As the police have driven professional criminals and sleazy touts out of the nightlife districts, university students and other young people have moved in. Without the looming presence of the gangsters, they feel safer — and thus more brazen — than before, he says.” Read the rest of this entry »