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Surprising, and yet not, Japanese quote of the day

“While it took nine years for the male-dominated Health Ministry to approve the low-dose Pill, Viagra was put on the ‘fast-track’ to legalisation and introduced just six months after Pfizer asked for permission” Read the rest of this entry »

Japanese (?) conformity quote of the day

“What is absolutely new about this society which is accomplishing such marvels is that in all its many aspects…it is working toward the single goal of production… Hence a growing tendency to reduce all virtues to the primordial ideal of conformity… The nation is not individualistic in mentality, and it therefore accepts this collectivism as part of itself; and the regime really suits it. The material advantages are so great, the security so perfect, and the enthusiasm of collective action in accomplishing stupendous tasks so overwhelming, that in an almost mystical abandon, other considerations are neither heeded nor missed” Read the rest of this entry »

Men in grey suits quote of the day

“The Japanese political system is not known for engineering rapid change or fundamental transformations of existing systems. In fact it is renowned for precisely the opposite: for delivering ‘reform’ that represents ‘no change'” Japan’s Failed Revolution by Aurelia George Morgan

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Highly paid otaku quote of the day

“The agriculture ministry is not in charge of robots,”

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Japanese business quote of the day

“It is the accumulation of inefficiency that leads to efficiency”

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