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Japanese business strategy Quote of the day

“We probably sell tens of thousands of products; we’ve never counted,” said Akira Kadota, a Panasonic spokesman in Tokyo. “Perhaps even a million?”

Defiantly, Panasonic Pushes a Vast Catalog, International Herald Tribune Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A different kind of success quote of the day

“Japan’s miraculous postwar recovery was the result of doing things in a way that fit the unique environment of the time, not because Japan itself is inherently formidable” Read the rest of this entry »

Finances through the looking glass Quote of the Day

“How does one describe a financial environment where criminals collect legitimate business debts, companies borrow freely regardless of their ability to repay, profit is meaningless, and banks are unable to tell whether or not they are solvent?” Read the rest of this entry »

Poor wee salarymen Quote of the day

“[For salarymen] being exhausted is considered a virtue” Read the rest of this entry »

Japanese (?) conformity quote of the day

“What is absolutely new about this society which is accomplishing such marvels is that in all its many aspects…it is working toward the single goal of production… Hence a growing tendency to reduce all virtues to the primordial ideal of conformity… The nation is not individualistic in mentality, and it therefore accepts this collectivism as part of itself; and the regime really suits it. The material advantages are so great, the security so perfect, and the enthusiasm of collective action in accomplishing stupendous tasks so overwhelming, that in an almost mystical abandon, other considerations are neither heeded nor missed” Read the rest of this entry »

Japanese conformity quote of the day

 “Those people hanging around Ginza, they are just showing off. If someone has it, other people want it. That’s Japanese. The group mentality.” Read the rest of this entry »

Japanese Business Quote of the Day

“A smiling tour guide is waiting for us, dressed in a neat uniform which reminds me of an early 1960s air hostess. She leads us into a 250-seat auditorium, gestures for Mr Kato and me to sit in the middle, about 10 rows back, and stands at a podium at the front, about fifty yards away from us. She begins a presentation, which Mr Kato translates. I couldn’t feel more self-conscious if I was sitting here naked.”

Read the rest of this entry »