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Japanese brainwashing quote of the day

“Children who can maintain proper posture are praised as ‘skillful’ (jouzu) and ‘being able to do it’ (dekiru). This usage is not a conscious manipulation of language by the teachers but the standard means of praising another’s activities, whatever the context, in Japanese. This cultural expression represents good behaviour to the children as a moderately challenging skill they will be able to accomplish through effort and practice rather than as an indication of obedience or tractability.” Read the rest of this entry »

Japanese and American families quote

“Americans make efforts to reduce the dependency of a child, and it is not uncommon to hear the mother of a two-year old say ‘You’re a big boy; you can do it yourself.’ This is to shame him into independent behaviour. A Japanese mother would not want that for a young child; she would want more dependence rather than less…”

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