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Japanese constitution quote of the day

“With its ridiculous Constitution, Japan is no more than a concubine” Read the rest of this entry »

No hope for Japan Quote of the Day

“Ideally, the Lower House should be dissolved and an election called to let voters decide. However, given the extent of the public’s loss of faith in both parties, it seems even unfair to force the people to decide” Read the rest of this entry »

No hope for Japan quote of the day

“Typically of Japanese politics, Mr Ozawa’s fight is not based on principle. The DPJ’s manifesto… bore no mention of the [petrol] levy. Meanwhile Mr Ozawa is promising rural voters even more goodies than the LDP” Read the rest of this entry »

The end of Japanese civilisation quote of the day

“If parents and children have different surnames… [it] will lead to the corruption of society” Read the rest of this entry »

Men in grey suits quote of the day

“The Japanese political system is not known for engineering rapid change or fundamental transformations of existing systems. In fact it is renowned for precisely the opposite: for delivering ‘reform’ that represents ‘no change'” Japan’s Failed Revolution by Aurelia George Morgan

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