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Rebellion in Japan quote of the day

“Japanese children soon learn, however, that to resist the system is to battle an army of friendly shadows. Authority resides with no one, and to change the collective habits of the group requires an impossible effort. To escape or rebel is to sever social contacts with those who provide daily companionship and the warmth of social life. Perhaps because this identification occurs early in the child’s life, Japanese exhibit higher levels of social order and less ambivalence toward authority than do Americans”

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Japanese brainwashing quote of the day

“Children who can maintain proper posture are praised as ‘skillful’ (jouzu) and ‘being able to do it’ (dekiru). This usage is not a conscious manipulation of language by the teachers but the standard means of praising another’s activities, whatever the context, in Japanese. This cultural expression represents good behaviour to the children as a moderately challenging skill they will be able to accomplish through effort and practice rather than as an indication of obedience or tractability.” Read the rest of this entry »