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Yakuza quote of the day

“As Joseph Castellano… put it, ‘What is a Gambino crime family?… Does this Gambino crime family have an office? Does the office have a plaque on the door that says, “Gambino crime family?”‘ In Japan, the answers would be, in reverse order, ‘yes,’ ‘yes,’ and ‘read our rules and creed.’
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Japanese constitution quote of the day

“With its ridiculous Constitution, Japan is no more than a concubine” Read the rest of this entry »

Japanese tabloids Quote of the day

“a melange of Time, People, and Playboy” Read the rest of this entry »

Karate quote of the day

“Yo, sensei. Can I go to the bathroom?”
“You can if you believe you can” Read the rest of this entry »

Did they believe they believed it? Quote of the Day

“American prisioners working in the Mitsubishi plant were naturally told that if defeated, the entire nation would commit hara-kiri. But the executives of the plant had taught their foremen some highly unsuicidal terms, such as, “How are you today?” and “We workers want to save our plant.”” Read the rest of this entry »

Finances through the looking glass Quote of the Day

“How does one describe a financial environment where criminals collect legitimate business debts, companies borrow freely regardless of their ability to repay, profit is meaningless, and banks are unable to tell whether or not they are solvent?” Read the rest of this entry »

Bad, and yet not, Japanese quote of the day

“You feel like you are at a dead-end as a nation when people have all they want at present, and …have few prospects for the future” Read the rest of this entry »