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Japanese religion Quote of the Day

“a thirteeth-century Ian Paisley” Read the rest of this entry »


Ecstasy in bed Japanese-style

“I got back to the ryokan at midnight to find that the woman had left a pile of comic books by my pillow- Comics for Men and Comics for Ectasy. In Comics for Ectasy naked women were having their breasts sliced off with garden shears, being torn apart by bulls, and rammed with red hot irons. In Comics for Men, they were only being bound and raped.” Read the rest of this entry »

Gambarimasu spirit quote of the day

“Before I left he told me how the fishermen of Hokkaido exemplified the Japanese character. ‘Foreign fishermen,’ he explained, ‘will take only the fish they know they can sell and throw the rest back. But Japanese fishermen will keep fishing till their boats are full, even though it means they’ll have to sell their catch at half price. We Japanese are waakaahorikku (workaholics). We do everything with a vengeance.” Read the rest of this entry »