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China- Quotes about Chinese Japanese relations

 “Although in most Chinatowns, from San Francisco to London, restaurants prepare food for Chinese tastes, in Yokohama everything is adjusted to Japanese taste buds…. (Top chefs recruited from Hong Kong and Taiwan have to be deprogrammed to prepare Chinese food in Japan)” Insight Guides Japan. Another similarity with Italy, that one

“In due course, the perpetrators were captured, and, just as had been suspected, the crime was one of revenge among Chinese criminals. There is fear–and not without cause–that it will not be long before the entire nature of Japanese society itself will be altered by the spread of this type of crime that is indicative of the ethnic DNA [of the Chinese].” -Ishihara Shintaro, Governor of Tokyo

In response to China’s first successful launch of a man in space: “The Chinese are ignorant, so they are overjoyed. That spacecraft was an outdated one. If Japan wanted to do it, we could do it in one year.” -Ishihara Shintaro, Governor of Tokyo

“Japan had a culture… simple cultivators rooted in the community. There was no rigorous moral code, no hierarchy, no distinction between man and nature. The Japanese liked to drink and dance, and they ate with their hands from plates of bamboo” the impression of the first Chinese visitors to Japan, quoted by Patrick Smith

“The Japanese have ever since (they started copying their culture from China) taken a lively interest in copying the material culture of others while resolutely rejecting their principles” Patrick Smith

“We really believed we were there for China’s sake. But the Chinese weren’t grateful. And we, well, we were all expecting to die, after all. We were all trained not to expect to come back, so it didn’t matter much what you did…. You were doing it on “the other side of death”, you see” WWII veteran, quoted by Ronald P Dore

“…in 1952… The Republic of China (Taiwan), the People’s Republic of China on the mainland, the Republic of Korea (South Korea), and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea) all possessed military establishments far larger than what became Japan’s Self-Defense Forces”

A statistic that puts a bit of sense behind the rearming of Japan during the Cold War, CIA conspiracies aside.

From the Encyclopedia Britannica Japan’s International Relations page

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