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Interesting, odd, outrageous or informative quotes about Japan

Conspiracy- Paranoid Japanese theories and paranoid theories about Japan

“With Sangokujin(third-country nationals) and foreigners repeating serious crimes, we should prepare ourselves for possible riots that may be instigated by them at the outbreak of an earthquake. As police is not always fit for handling all contingencies, the Self-Defense forces should be ready to respond to threats to public security besides natural disasters.” -Ishihara Shintaro, Governor of Tokyo. If he is aware of the anti-Korean rioting due to totally untrue rumours they were poisoning the wells, I am not sure. This one really suggest this guy is mentally ill.

 “Among the rumors that went flying around the city was the imaginative one that an unnamed country of the West had developed an eathquake machine and was experimenting upon Japan. There were,nevertheless, no outbreaks of violence against.. westerners. Instead..,the nation turned on Koreans. The government urged restraint .. because the Western world might disapprove.” Edward Seidensticker in Low City High City

“Narita, Tokyo’s international airport, was big enough because Japan wanted to limit the influx of foreigners.” Patrick Smith, quoting a typical 1990s American conspiracy theory

“Japan did not enter a recession in the early 1990’s: It was ‘blindsiding’ us, the better to achieve economic domination”- Another American conspiracy theory, quoted by Patrick Smith

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