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Interesting, odd, outrageous or informative quotes about Japan

Crime- Quotes about Japanese criminals, yakuza, police and courts

 Crime and punishment- Quotes about Japanese police, courts, yakuza etc.

“[Yakuza] would swagger around, wear pins with the logos of their gangs right there on their lapels for anyone to see, congregate in headquarters with big signs out front saying exactly which gang they were with…One of my sources, a mid-level boss with Yamaguchi-gumi, Japan’s biggest gang, used to send me New Year’s cards with the syndicate’s logo embossed in gold in one corner.” Getting Wet pg 156

“In Japan, the men cannot rape the women because they do not have the energy” A Japanese Diet member in the 1980s, according to Kickboxing Geishas pg 110

“This is what the wise Japanese does. He pays lip service to the laws, is a strong believer in public morality, then goes out for an evening in Shinjuku and does anything he feels like doing” Donald Ritchie in “Tokyo” (Reaktion Books, 1999)

“In Nihonbashi [in Edo, now Tokyo]…the condemned were buried in the ground near the bridge with only the neck and head exposed. Lines were drawn on the neck and two saws left on either side. Any passers-by so inclined could saw off the murder’s head. Painful, but quicker than crucifixion.” Insight Guides Japan

“If that is the picture of the incipient juvenile delinquent, one can see why Japan has the lowest crime rates of any industrial country” Ronald P Dore

“Crimes by elderly people are increasing faster than the population is aging.”
Osamu Nasu of the Police Policy Research Center at the National Police Academy. About 45,000 people over 65 were prosecuted in Japan between January and November 2007. The crimes were mainly assault and shoplifting. From the Japan Today daily quotes page. Makes me picture teenagers crossing the street to stay away from the over-seventies.

“In due course, the perpetrators were captured, and, just as had been suspected, the crime was one of revenge among Chinese criminals. There is fear–and not without cause–that it will not be long before the entire nature of Japanese society itself will be altered by the spread of this type of crime that is indicative of the ethnic DNA [of the Chinese].” -Ishihara Shintaro, Governor of Tokyo

“What distinguishes the [Hell’s Angels-style bousouzoku] gangs from their counterparts in the West is their rigidly organized structure. They charge membership fees, chant slogans and gang anthems, and proudly wear badges and uniforms… Paradoxically, in attempting to escape from the strait jacket of Japanese schooling, these 42,500 youngsters submit to the absolute regimen imposed by the gangs” Japanese Street Slang Peter Constatine pg 12


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