Quote Japan

Interesting, odd, outrageous or informative quotes about Japan

Free time- Quotes about Japanese hobbies and leisure pursuits

“Some [people] will even charter a special train with tatami-mat cars and go nowhere in particular, just party in locomotive style” The Japanese love of trains knows no limits! A train driving game was also top of the computer game charts at one time. Insight Guides Japan

“…any discussion of recreation and leisure pursuits must take account of the pleasure that some men get from running things or… persuading, manipulating, gently pressuring… making speeches, being the centre of attention” Ronald P Dore

“His favourite form of recreation was sleeping” Ronald P Dore, mentioning a common ‘hobby’ that people seem not at all embarrassed about

“There is an aura of solemn spirituality about many recreational pursuits in Japan and nothing seems to thicken that aura so much as the presence of money” Ronald P Dore

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