Quote Japan

Interesting, odd, outrageous or informative quotes about Japan

George Fields- quotes from “From Bonsai to Levis”

“It was great because I was able to reevaluate myself as a Japanese” common remarks after foreign holidays, according to George Fields in “From Bonsai to Levis” (1983)

“At the time, Japan was a country of heavy-handed censorship that extended to literature. Words were deleted from passages that had even touched upon the sexual act… We used to have great fun guessing the words and filling in the offending passages. I was quite disappointed when after the war, I compared the actual passage with my own; the original seemed quite pallid and insipid when contrasted with what my vivid adolescent imagination had generated” From Bonsai to Levis, George Fields

“There is a school of thought that half-seriously explains the very small number of psychiatrists in Japan as the result of the Japanese bath” From Bonsai to Levis, George Fields


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