Quote Japan

Interesting, odd, outrageous or informative quotes about Japan

Holidays- Quotes about Japanese tourists and tourism in Japan (theme parks, guided tours etc.)

“So far, the [Visit Japan] campaign has only had modest results. Visitors to Japan still pay exorbitantly high prices for their hotel rooms and dinners, but at the main airports those who do come are now treated to recorded messages from the prime minister himself, touting the wonders of the country they are about to see. Which doesn’t seem like the most effective advertising, since I presume everybody at the airport is already sold on the idea of coming” Getting Wet pg 104

“Stationery you will never use, because you will be too scared to ruin it”Brian Flynn, Josh Bernard and Jeff Day in Tokyo Underground

“Some [people] will even charter a special train with tatami-mat cars and go nowhere in particular, just party in locomotive style” The Japanese love of trains knows no limits! A train driving game was also top of the computer game charts at one time. Insight Guides Japan

“After all, places like Canadian World actually let one become a temporary Canadian, whereas if one visited Canada where would be the constant reminder that one was actually a foreigner. Anyway, foreign countries are just too foreign to be readily comprehensible. These ‘translated’ versions are the best way of understanding them” Donald Ritchie

“One is advised to admire the famous old shrine and, since one is not Japanese, one also includes the gas station next door, the TV aerial in back and the supermarket truck in front, and is consequently disturbed.” Donald Ritchie

“I sometimes wonder why the Japanese went to all the trouble of franchising a Disneyland in the suburbs when the capital itself is in many ways so superior a version” Donald Ritchie

“Over in Shingomura in Aomori, you may also visit the last resting-place of Jesus Christ. It was actually his brother, Iskiri, who was crucified, you see. Christ himself escaped to Japan, where he married a Shingomura woman named Yumiko, had three daughters and lived to a happy 106 years of age. His ‘descendants’ opened this ‘Christ’s Tomb’ tourist attraction.” Donald Ritchie

“All guests are requested to be united in bed before midnight”- Ryokan sign, quoted by George Mikes, The Land of the Rising Yen

“(Ryokan) food is tasty though puzzling” George Mikes

“Built in the eighth century. Burnt down and completely rebuilt in 893, 1217, 1526, 1718 and 1933. The present structure of this lovely 8th century temple was erected in 1965″- only slightly exaggerated history of a Japanese building, as written by George Mikes

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