Quote Japan

Interesting, odd, outrageous or informative quotes about Japan

Japanese quotes from the Economist magazine

“To this day .. monks wooden sandals are washed up on the shores of the [American] Pacific Northwest” A wonderfully romantic image from The Economist 22 December 2007, explaining how the first Japanese ships to get washed up on American shores ended there

“It is because so many people work free overtime that Toyota reaps profits. I hope some of those profits can be brought back to help the employees and their families. That would make Toyota a true global leader.”

Hiroko Uchino, wife of “karoshi” death by overwork victim and Toyota employee Kenichi Uchino, who worked 500 hours of unpaid overtime in the 6 months before his death. Quoted in The Economist 22 December 2007

“And why should Japanese ships have to go so far, suffering international outrage? Because the Americans fished out all the Japanese whales in the century before last”

Mayor of Taiji, a small Japanese fishing village. Quoted in The Economist 22 December 2007


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