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Junichiro Koizumi- Quotes from and about “Lionheart”

“Koizumi is a man who keeps his promises, But on this point he did not.”

Koizumi’s ex-wife Kayoko Miyamoto, on her failed attempts to see her two oldest sons for the first time since he was given custody of them when they divorced in 1982. Not an unusual example of family law in action in Japan, and as the CRNJapan website page I got this quote from mentions, a little hypocritical for a prime minister who was apparently so concerned about Japanese families being split up by North Korean kidnappings

“In fact, Koizumi, whose grandfather was a Cabinet minister, is hardly an outsider in the political establishment. He was groomed for high office from the moment he could talk. And even though he managed to get a bill passed to privatize the postal system, most of his promised reforms have yet to bear fruit. He has gone his own way and alienated other Asians by continuing to honor the Japanese war dead, including war criminals, at Yasukuni Shrine. His main foreign policy initiative was to send troops to Iraq despite Japan’s pacifist constitution. When Koizumi steps down later this year, he will have left at least one mark that successors must contend with: he dragged politics into the age of celebrity. Whoever takes his place can no longer be a colorless hack chosen in a backroom party deal. He or she will have to be genuinely popular, for better or for worse.” Ian Buruma summarizes the Koizumi years for Time magazine

“History has shown that following the will of the people will lead us down the wrong path.”

–Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi reacting, last Spring, to a poll that the vast majority of Japanese were opposed to sending Japanese troops to Iraq to assist the US invasion. The Japanese government just approved sending troops despite 89% opposition by the public.

Breaking that kind of promise is no big deal.

–Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi, responding to the allegation that he had broken three of his campaign promises, including promises not to issue more than 30 billion dollars worth of government bonds and to visit the controversial Yasakuni Shrine on August 15th the end of WW II. He broke the first promise with his first budget and has gone to Yasakuni on August 13th and early in January rather than the more symbolic date. When questioned about this, PM Koizumi said the promises were made during the heat of a party election and that, therefore, “breaking that kind of promise is no big deal.” This did not sit particularly well with either the public or the party.

2 lots of quotes and comments above from The Crazy Japan Times Quotes of the Year

“[the Finance Ministry’s Top Bureaucrat] Muto is the prime minister and Koizumi is merely public relations” A METI official, as quoted in Japan’s Failed Revolution

“This is going to be a battle in which either the LDP will destroy the Koizumi Cabinet or the Koizumi Cabinet will destroy the LDP” Another form of Japanese leadership, by then PM Junichiro Koizumi. Quoted in “Japan’s Failed Revolution” by Aurelia George Morgan

“This phenomenon is even more unusual against a background of prime ministers with charisma bypass who have been inflicted on the Japanese people by ruling LDP factions regardless of popularity considerations. Koizumi’s immediate predecessors- prime ministers Mori and Obuchi- epitomised this phenomenon. Very few winners of the LDP factional races have also been able to claim a de facto popular mandate. So, if leadership requires followership, Koizumi is like no other leader in Japan’s postwar history.” Aurelia George Morgan in “Japan’s Failed Revolution”

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