Quote Japan

Interesting, odd, outrageous or informative quotes about Japan

Kittredge Cherry- Quotes from “Womansword” (1987)

 “Psychologically, Japanese women depend largely on each other. In their sex-segregated society, they could be criticized for living in a female ghetto, and yet they have what some American feminists are trying to build, a ”women’s culture” with its own customs, values and even language”

“To attract boyfriends, American girls pretend they are women, while Japanese women pretend they are girls” Kittredge Cherry

“When [Japanese] women encouraged men to bask in public glory, it reminded me of the way you would indulge a child with a sweet-bean treat” Kittredge Cherry

“In direct confrontation, the [Japanese] women might yield like blades of grass- and spring back just as quickly. One of them compared this flexibility to the Vietcong guerrillas…” Kittredge Cherry

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