Quote Japan

Interesting, odd, outrageous or informative quotes about Japan

Merry White – Quotes from ““The Japanese Educational Challenge” (1987)

 “Why is he so good?” An 8 year old American child wondering why a Japanese kid in his school is so well behaved.

“…we should hold Japan up as a mirror, not as a blueprint” Good advice on comparing your country to others and trying to borrow ideas, from Merry White

“…Japanese women have developed the production of guilt in others into a transcendent cultural art form” Merry White

“Marginality is easy to come by and hard to lose in Japan, and that hazard is a powerful disincentive to be in any way “different”. Those so marked of course don’t want their children to suffer the same stigma. While intellectuals and critics may look for the social climate to change so that children can be more independent, the adults themselves will limit the risks of diferentness to the maximum extent possible.” Merry White

“Although individual Japanese incline towards conformity, the nation as a whole believes itself to be utterly unique… Hence we have a kind of ‘national individualism’” Merry White

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