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Interesting, odd, outrageous or informative quotes about Japan

Interesting quotes from Shutting Out the Sun

– “To walk through the streets of Seoul after some months in the confinement of Japan is to suck down pure oxygen, the people seeming much more communicative and expressive.” Shutting Out the Sun pg 222. As much as I like Tokyo, I felt the same the first few hours in Seoul and Macao. The same is true in Osaka and other parts of Japan though, including most small towns

– “Usually, 75 percent of listed companies hold their annual meetings on the very same day, to keep shareholder attendance to the bare minimum” pg 231-2

– “Over time, Japan will make South Florida look like a youth hostel” Shutting Out the Sun pg 162 “Hiroko Mizushima…has been divorced at least six times… Because her husband agreed to join Mizushima’s legal household but to keep his own name, the couple must formally divorce every time his driver’s license or passport expires” Shutting Out the Sun pg 166

“[Japanese] men only seem to accept equality when the dinner bill comes” Shutting Out the Sun pg 174 “It’s easier for a Japanese woman to come out and say she’s had an abortion than to say she’s on the Pill” gynecologist Tomoko Saotome in Shutting Out the Sun pg 175“While it took nine years for the male-dominated Health Ministry to approve the low-dose Pill, Viagra was put on the ‘fast-track’ to legalisation and introduced just six months after Pfizer asked for permission” Shutting Out the Sun pg 175

“You feel like you are at a dead-end as a nation when people have all they want at present, and …have few prospects for the future” pg 176/7

“some of Japan’s leading homebuilders now report that more than one in three custom homes is built with separate bedrooms for husband and wife” Shutting Out the Sun pg 204

“[For salarymen] being exhausted is considered a virtue” Psychiatrist Masao Miyamoto in Shutting Out the Sun, pg 205

“If parents and children have different surnames… [it] will lead to the corruption of society” Takaichi Sanae, LDP MP, quoted in Shutting Out the Sun pg 167

“It’s as if I want to add another brand to my Hermes or Vuitton collection, to have a child who went to Tokyo University” Shutting Out the Sun pg 168

“Could you make this story less clear?”

 Instructions from an NHK bigwig to an editor, Shutting Out the Sun pg 117

– “While Americans may cheat to enrich themselves, it is said, Japanese usually steal for their companies” Shutting Out the Sun pg 130

– “Ever since I was a little girl, my mother has taught me about Louis Vuitton”

Good to see that family values and respect for your elders is not dead in Japan… Shutting Out the Sun pg 148

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