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Interesting, odd, outrageous or informative quotes about Japan

Nationalism- Quotes about Japanese uyoku, nihonjinron etc.

“a birdwatcher once told me that Japanese snow cranes bow to each other during their mating dance because, well, they are Japanese birds. Apparently, were they American birds they would shake hands instead” Hokkaido Highway Blues pg 33

“The people of Shinohata had never been much aware of being Japanese because no other kind of people had much impinged on their consciousness” Ronald P. Dore

“One day one of the Korean students asked me if I knew Takeshima, the island in the Sea of Japan that is claimed by both Japan and Korea. There were two or three other Japanese students there, but none of knew about the place… When the Koreans said that Takeshima belonged to them… we just said, ‘Sure, go ahead. Take it.” Say what you like about the materialism and apathy of Japanese young people, but it is better than the rabid nationalism that the LDP would like to teach them… A Geisha’s Journey pg 13

“In the 1990’s, respected university researchers claimed that the Japanese were genetically unique in their ability to appreciate to the fullest the sounds of nature like crickets and waterfalls” Insight Guides Japan (2002)

“When French ski manufacturers first tried to export skis to Japan… the Japanese government declared the skis unsuitable for the special and unique Japanese snow….when American beef producers were trying to open the Japanese market the agricultural ministry argued that only Japanese beef was suitable for the special and unique digestive system of the Japanese people.” Insight Guides Japan

“Although individual Japanese incline towards conformity, the nation as a whole believes itself to be utterly unique… Hence we have a kind of ‘national individualism’” from ““The Japanese Educational Challenge” by Merry White (1987)

“Japan’s long and unfortunate neurosis in its relations with the outside world: borrowing balanced by a defensive brand of nativism, the seesaw of admiration and xenophobia” Patrick Smith in Japan, A Reinterpretation

“There are no veterans’ associations to keep alive nostalgia for the war-time camaraderie, and recent nationalist revisionism has not much altered the interpretation of the war which took root in the immediate shock of defeat; it was not just a lost war, and not just a foolish war, but somehow also a guilty war” Ronald P. Dore

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