Quote Japan

Interesting, odd, outrageous or informative quotes about Japan

NHK Cool Japan- quotes from the unintentionally funny book

“While many train departures overseas are signaled by the simple blowing of a whistle, Japanese train departures are now accompanied by the pleasant sound of upbeat music. Many foreigners also seem rather pleased with this thoughtful development” What world do NHK staff live in??? From “Cool Japan” pg 41

“It’s possible to forget the bustle of work and everyday life, and simply enjoy your own fantasy world” S and M? No- little sticky photos with stars and writing on! (仕事や日々のゴタゴタといった現実を忘れてファンタジーの世界を思い切り楽しめる) NHK Cool Japan pg 18

“even in countries like the United Kingdom and Brazil, which are known for their wild enthusiasm for soccer, people cheer only as individuals” (サッカーが人気のイギリスやブラジルでも、応援は一人ひとりが好き勝手に呼ぶだけ) A desperate attempt to find a positive about the much hated (by foreign regulars at Japanese baseball and football) unspontaneous group cheering, from NHK Cool Japan pg 27

“The colors of the uniforms match the trains! They look so nice!” (車体とマッチした制服の色がかわいいし、同じ服を着てまとまって働く姿は見ていて素敵) Geraldine from France proves that it will always be possible to make a living in Japan telling people what they want to hear, from NHK Cool Japan pg 31

 “Japanese wedding receptions are almost like a show… with a precise orchestration of laughter, surprise and happiness…” It might just be the translation but that is supposed to be a positive description of nothing being left to chance NHK Cool Japan pg 35


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