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Pete Brown- Japanese quotes from “Three Sheets to the Wind”

“Full of Western-style shops so expensive that they seem to stock only one cardigan each. displayed on plinths in the middle of acres of space” Chuo-dori in Ginza, Tokyo, as described by Pete Brown in “Three Sheets to the Wind“, page 298 

“We sit on low benches surrounded by immaculate elegance, natural materials feng-shuied to within an inch of their existence” A posh izakaya (Japanese pub/ restaurant), as described by Pete Brown in “Three Sheets to the Wind”, page 298

“A smiling tour guide is waiting for us, dressed in a neat uniform which reminds me of an early 1960s air hostess. She leads us into a 250-seat auditorium, gestures for Mr Kato and me to sit in the middle, about 10 rows back, and stands at a podium at the front, about fifty yards away from us. She begins a presentation, which Mr Kato translates. I couldn’t feel more self-conscious if I was sitting here naked.” Japanese corporate hospitality gone typically over the top, as described by Pete Brown in “Three Sheets to the Wind”, page 303

“It’s so counter intuitive, I’m wondering if it was perhaps the result of some kind of drunken parlour game played by Japanese cultural arbiters, where the aim was to take three random unrelated concepts – in this case beer, department store rooftops and gardens- and fuse them into a convincing whole.” Pete Brown, talking about Japanese “Beer Gardens” in “Three Sheets to the Wind”. What he doesn’t mention is how the idea of “garden” usually got totally lost in the process.

“As we pull out onto the motorway I notice we’re driving on the left. Even though this is the same as Britain, it somehow feels perverse. We’re in a foreign country, and people in foreign countries are supposed to drive on the right. This humdrum, perverse similarity is more unsettling than the strangest differences Japan has offered so far.” Pete Brown in “Three Sheets to the Wind”. Works for plenty of other things too.

“Tokyo reminds me of Thunderbirds… It shares the same optimist 1960s view of what the future will look like: smooth, moulded concrete and sleek, sexy tecnhnology.” Pete Brown, in “Three Sheets to the Wind”, explaining why living in Tokyo is a positive experience, because the Japanese haven’t stopped believing in the future.

“I am told by some fans that Asahi Super Dry is the only beer you can drink at lunchtime and go back to work with no trace of beer breath” Pete Brown in “Three Sheets to the Wind”

“Over the next day of so my reaction to my hosts will evolve from ‘Got this sorted’, through, ‘Blimey, these guys really pushed the boat out here. What have I done to deserve this?’ to, ‘I am forever in Mr Kato’s debt. I’m embarrassed. There must be something I can do. But there just isn’t.’ If you’ve spent any time in Japan, you might recognize this typical progression.” Pete Brown in “Three Sheets to the Wind”

“I realize that everything in Japan obeys a perfectly logical system. You just need to turn your brain around by ninety degrees before you can see it.” Pete Brown in “Three Sheets to the Wind”

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