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Peter Carey- Quotes from Wrong about Japan

Quotes from “Wrong about Japan”

“we were weary of live fish and dead fish and battered fish and fish with skewers stuck up their little bottoms” The excitement of Japanese food fades a little for Peter Carey and his son, Wrong about Japan pg 142

 “I was weary of… forgetting to bring my business cards along to meetings with all the formality of the Treaty of Versailles” Peter Carey,in Wrong about Japan pg 148

“‘Must be the Real Japan’ he said.
‘Yes,’ I said.
‘Found it finally,’ Charley said. ‘Let’s get out of here before we learn we’re wrong'”
Wrong about Japan pg 158

“live brain soup”-The taste of sea urchin (uni) according to Peter Carey’s son,in “Wrong about Japan”

“Gundam was launched just to sell toy robots, to create a product that people would buy. There is no real inspiration behind it. He made Gundam because it was his job to make Gundam. And before Gundam, he made lots of animations that were also used to advertise robot toys” The creator of Gundam (through a translator) in Wrong about Japan, pg 95

“We Japanese want to live alongside robots, that is why we love Astro Boy” Anime fan Takao Imai in the New York Times, quoted in Wrong about Japan pg 90

“Like Luke Skywalker and Han Solo looking for spare parts on the planet Xenon” The side streets of Akihabara, according to Peter Carey, Wrong about Japan pg 57

“Charley denounced the experience as the worst four hours of his entire life, even worse than when he cut his heel on a broken bottle and received his stitches under inadequate anaesthetic” Kabuki, according to Peter Carey’s 12 year old son. Wrong about Japan pg 70

“Charley is a shy boy, and later I wondered if he had glimpsed [in Japan] a country where his own character might be seen as admirable” Wrong about Japan pg 4

“bold hieroglyphics stamped with two or three characters that could be read…as unthinkingly as a traffic light” Peter Carey spotting the advantages of kanji in comics, Wrong about Japan pg 5

“Everyone with a taste for traditional architecture must agree that the Japanese toilet is perfection” Junichiro Tanizaki (1931)quoted in Wrong about Japan pg 18

“the toilet in our… hotel looked like a contraption designed for a science-fiction comedy” Wrong about Japan pg 19


  Homer Smith wrote @

hey, the pages are wrong!! ALL of them are wrong? how am i meant to find them??

  alexcase wrote @

Depends on the edition of the book.

  Homer Smith wrote @

ok thanks!

  jarred wrote @


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