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Relationships- Quotes about dating and marriage in Japan

Japanese relationships quotes

“the idea of ‘romantic love’ [has] unpleasant overtones of something ‘lax, loose, untidy and negligent’ to older, traditional Japanese. Indeed, when [Prince] Akihito’s engagement to Michiko was reluctantly approved, the then head of the Kunaicho felt obliged to stand up in parliament and indignantly deny that it was a love-match” Princess Masako pg 127

“What’s he think I am- pregnant?”

 ‘a 20-year-old woman as she recalls a man offering her his seat on a crowded train’ according to a translation of a Spa! article in The Japan Times, 9 Mar 08

It continues with more classic “proof” that a salaryman can’t do anything right: “It was our first date, and every time we got into the car… he’d open the door for me. Why all the fuss? Surely once is enough!”

“In the US, love means never having to say you’re sorry; In Japan, love means never having to say ‘I love you.'” Kickboxing Geishas pg 13

“To attract boyfriends, American girls pretend they are women, while Japanese women pretend they are girls” Kittredge Cherry

“Husbands and wives do not touch and fondle each other except for the purposes of- apparently rather perfunctory- sexual congress, or to give comfort in serious illness” Another reason for Japanese mother’s boys? Ronald P. Dore

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