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Religion and superstition- Quotes about Shinto, Zen etc. in Japan

“When the death rates between Japanese and Chinese Americans and white Americans were compared on the fourth of the month, the researchers found that death rates on this day peaked in the Japanese and Chinese but not in other groups. So it seems as though you can be scared to death- by the number four at least.” Why Do Men Have Nipples?

“When Westerners entered a Zen entrance in Kyoto and found the entrance requirements of silent, kneeling meditation for forty-eight hours too difficult, the temple created a double standard: Japanese must meditate for forty- eight hours, while Westerners can start with twenty-four.” The Japanese Educational Challenge, Merry White

“Whether the ancient image of Kannon actually exists inside [Senso-ji temple, Asakusa, Tokyo] is a secret”. Sounds like Japanese Buddhism has a need-to-know attitude that a bureaucract would be proud of! From Lonely Planet Tokyo Encounter

“Over in Shingomura in Aomori, you may also visit the last resting-place of Jesus Christ. It was actually his brother, Iskiri, who was crucified, you see. Christ himself escaped to Japan, where he married a Shingomura woman named Yumiko, had three daughters and lived to a happy 106 years of age. His ‘descendants’ opened this ‘Christ’s Tomb’ tourist attraction.” Donald Ritchie

 “Shinto priests almost never, and Buddhist priests only in some sects, have stepped beyond the role of ritual practitioner to assume that of moral guide… That job was largely left to… head of the family and community, to the Confucian scholar and in modern times to the school” Ronald P Dore

“The moral cohesion of society owes even less to specifically religious institutions in Japan than in most other industrial societies” Ronald P Dore

“…priests hardly rank as spiritual advisers in Japanese villages; they are more like the conjurer you might get for a children’s Christmas party- providers of rare and necessary skills to grace certain ritual social occasions” Ronald P Dore

“They telling me Jesus died for my sin. Usually Japanese paying for sin with big bow and moshiwake gozaimasen” “Kazuhide” in Japanzine, Feb 08, answering my question of why Christianity never made it in Japan

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