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Interesting, odd, outrageous or informative quotes about Japan

Sex- Quotes about sex and the sex business in Japan (mizu shobai, soaplands, love hotels, geisha etc.)

“about the time that mixed bathing was banned- making it officially naughty- it became sexy. And it was about that time that Japan truly joined the ranks of the civilised.” Getting Wet pg 134

“The poorer you were, the less property counted, the more you could afford to live by impulse. But with universal schooling and a rise in living levels the more formal canons of respectability spread from the upper to the lower strata of villagers and formally arranged ‘good matches’ became the norm. The old custom of ‘night-crawling’- teenage boys creeping into a girl’s bedroom at night… gradually died out.” Ronald P. Dore

“Husbands and wives do not touch and fondle each other except for the purposes of- apparently rather perfunctory- sexual congress, or to give comfort in serious illness” Another reason for Japanese mother’s boys? Ronald P. Dore

“One woman in her early twenties said that before she adopted the yamamba look, she was constantly being hit upon…’Now,’ she said triumphantly,’nobody touches me'” Veronica Chambers in Kickboxing Geishas pg 9

“Before, when customers wanted to act out their train-groping fantasies, they could do it in a room decorated to resemble a train interior. But now the girl just brings a train hand strap with her to the customer’s hotel room” translation of an article from Takarajima magazine in the Japan Times, 3 Feb 2008

“It is not uncommon for these places to be frequented by a group of salarymen who whilst drinking over the table are being relieved under the table, although why anyone would want their colleagues watching them having an orgasm is beyond me… sometimes the Japanese group ethic goes a bit far” Catherine Pover in “Being a Broad in Japan” pg 383

“He could speak some English and I remember that he said, ‘You are in pregnancy. Baby born March,’ and he smiled broadly. From the look on my face he could see that I was not very happy about this news, so he said, ‘Ah, you not happy. No problem. We abortion here.” Being a Broad in Japan pg167

“At the time, Japan was a country of heavy-handed censorship that extended to literature. Words were deleted from passages that had even touched upon the sexual act… We used to have great fun guessing the words and filling in the offending passages. I was quite disappointed when after the war, I compared the actual passage with my own; the original seemed quite pallid and insipid when contrasted with what my vivid adolescent imagination had generated” From Bonsai to Levis, George Fields

“To attract boyfriends, American girls pretend they are women, while Japanese women pretend they are girls” Kittredge Cherry in “Womansword”

“We go away for the weekend to ‘bond’ and there are all these older married men and single young girls. It’s all so innocent, but in the States no one would stand for that! ‘Bye Honey, I’m off for the weekend to get drunk with a bunch of single young women’, ‘Oh, OK dear, have a good time.'” Being a Broad in Japan pg 321

“All societies have commercialized sex, but only a few have marketed the venue [love hotels] and none to the extent that Japan has” Donald Ritchie

 “Husbands and wives do not touch and fondle each other except for the purposes of- apparently rather perfunctory- sexual congress, or to give comfort in serious illness” Another reason for Japanese mother’s boys? Ronald P. Dore

“How is it that a physician can qualify in six years but a whore- even if she is the most accomplished and delightful whore in the world- needs sixteen?”- George Mikes, not swallowing the myth of the geisha

“In the West the average male has two wives- one after another. In Japan, he has two wives simultaneously” George Mikes

“Breast fixation, especially partiality to larger breasts, is a recent phenomenon in Japan. Only two generations ago no eyelashes were batted when farm girls of all sizes and dimensions worked topless in the fields; the massive postwar Westernization brought an end to that.” Japanese Street Slang Peter Constatine pg 18

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