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Shintaro Tsuji- quotes from the founder of Sanrio

“I remember having birthdays [at the Cartmell kindergarten in Yamanashi Prefecture]. It was around 1933, and… nobody back then knew the birthdays of their children” Shintaro Tsuji, founder of Sanrio of Hello Kitty fame,Japan Times, 2 March 08

“I was once even suspended from school for writing romantic fiction stories… In those days [the 1930s and 40s], junior high school students were not allowed to write love stories. After all, it was an era of militarism” Sanrio founder Shintaro Tsuji, Japan Times, 2 March 08

“The students were ordered to research parachutes… Then one day, of piece of cloth was passed to us, and we were told to examine its quality. We thought it was the best cloth we had ever tested. It was nylon, and was used in the parachutes of Americans who became our prisioners of war. At that point, we realised we were no match.” Shintaro Tsuji, founder of Sanrio, Japan Times 2 March 08

 “I have a friend I’ve known for 74 years! I meet him every month, and he serves as our auditor” Sanrio founder Shintaro Tsuji. Coming from Britain, it’s quite shocking that he would think such a close relationship with an auditor was a good thing, but in international terms I think the Japanese are actually in the majority with this. Japan Times 2 March 08

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