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Sumo- quotes about fat Japanese men in nappies

“Even the full-size wrestlers are surprisingly graceful, like ballerinas inside stacks of tires”
Karin Muller, Japanland pg 19

“[Sumo] is, and I think I am being objective in my assessment, simply the greatest sport in the history of the universe. In Japan, rotund pale flabby guys are considered the epitome of masculinity. Don’t you just love that?” Hokkaido Highway Blues pg 57

“There was a period in the heady, decadent days of the Edo Period when there was women’s sumo as well. At first they appeared in just loincloths like the men, but eventually the law made them cover up; the engravers of popular woodblock ukiyo-e prints had to oblige by adding vests to cover breasts” Well, the men show their tits off so why shouldn’t the women?? Insight Guides Japan

“Although baseball is truly the athletic obsession of Japan…sumo remains the “official” national sport. This is fitting, partly because of its history that dates back as far as the third century. and too for its hoary, quasi-religious ritualism- but mostly because, in Japan, it’s a more exciting sport” Insight Guides Japan

“[In sumo] it’s a long physical and emotional climb to the top, with little sleep, lots of dirt and sweat, constant humiliation, cooking, running errands and scrubbing backs, and the awesome task of accompanying 200-kilogram (450lb) senior wrestlers to the restroom- all just for bed and board. Only those at the top receive a salary.” Insight Guides Japan


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