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Kickboxing Geishas inaccuracies

I really liked this book and learnt a fair amount even after being in Japan for four years and reading many books. However, did find a few factual and other errors in the bits I read:

– On pg 23/24 she criticizes as not serious journalism “an article from the Japan Times”which is quite plainly something the publish on Sundays- translations of the Japanese tabloid “yellow” press that is published precisely to show how outrageous the stories are

– Sao Paolo, there are now more sushi restaurants than Brazilian barbecues” pg 25. Maybe true, but as they are run by the huge(Portuguese-speaking)Japanese Brazilian population, using that as proof of Japanese international cultural influence is like saying kebab shops in London show how important Turkey has become

-“it is not by accident that Kyoto is a palindrome of Tokyo” Kickboxing Geishas pg 49. I think it may be an accident, seeing as the kanji and hence meanings are different- 東京 (tou-kyo, Eastern Capital) and 京都 (kyou-to. Capital City). This myth might come from the fact that it almost works with the official name for Tokyo city (東京都-tou-kyo-to, Eastern Capital City)

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