Quote Japan

Interesting, odd, outrageous or informative quotes about Japan

Wa- quotes about Japanese harmony

“The word harmony in Japanese has the same cachet that the word freedom has in the West” Hokkaido Highway Blues pg 26

“In the 1920s…no year saw fewer than 250 major strikes…At the end of the 1940s membership (of independent unions) was 6.7 million- 56% of the workforce” Patrick Smith, giving some surprising statistics from the country of the “Japanese way” of harmony and toothless company unionsi n Japan, A Reinterpretation

“Harmony and its Tensions” A very telling chapter heading by Ronald P Dore

“… one of Shinohata’s two ‘bullies’, not to put too fine a point on the capacity for getting away with overbearing behaviour by presuming on one’s neighbour’s mild mannered preference for harmony and the avoidance of confrontation” Ronald P Dore

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