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Interesting, odd, outrageous or informative quotes about Japan

Yoshiro Mori- quotes from and about the last (?) of the old stylee Japanese PMs

LDP MP Kazuo Aichi said about Mori “We don’t have any qualified candidates, so he’ll have to do.”

“The government takes care of women who have given birth to a lot of children as a way to thank them for their hard work… It is wrong for women who haven’t had a single child to ask for taxpayer money when they get old, after having enjoyed their freedom and had fun.”

“How could we possibly secure Japan’s kokutai and ensure public safety with such a party?” – Regarding the Japanese Communist Party. The problem with this statement is its use of the word kokutai which means ‘national polity’ but with unappealing nationalist overtones due to its common usage in the militaristic period of Japan’s history.

“Japan is a divine nation centered on the emperor.”

“Lowbrow sex industries are always created first in Osaka. Excuse my language, but it is a spittoon.”

“This phenomenon is even more unusual against a background of prime ministers with charisma bypass who have been inflicted on the Japanese people by ruling LDP factions regardless of popularity considerations. Koizumi’s immediate predecessors- prime ministers Mori and Obuchi- epitomised this phenomenon. Very few winners of the LDP factional races have also been able to claim a de facto popular mandate. So, if leadership requires followership, Koizumi is like no other leader in Japan’s postwar history.” Aurelia George Morgan in “Japan’s Failed Revolution”

“This is a very important issue having relevance to the basic structure of the state. I have my own ideas about it. But, as prime minister and the president of the ruling party, I think I should not say what I think about it” An almost stereotypical “Japanese leadership style” comment from Prime Minister Mori in 2000, quoted in “Japan’s Failed Revolution” by Aurelia George Morgan

“I want independent voters to sleep all day” An alternative idea of how it is possible to win an election, from then PM Mori, just before the 2000 Lower House elections. Quoted in “Japan’s Failed Revolution” by Aurelia George Morgan

And excerpts below from his very quotesome Wikipedia page:

On meeting President Bill Clinton in the 26th G8 summit in Okinawa Prefecture, he asked Clinton “Who are you?”, with the intention of saying “How are you?”. Since Clinton thought it was a joke, he answered (in English) “I’m Hillary’s husband, and you?”, to which Mori answered “Me, too”. However, this story may be anecdotal.

Toward the end of his term, his approval rating dropped to single digits. In fact, the people of Ishikawa, his home prefecture, referred to him as “the shame of Ishikawa” (石川の恥)

Commonly described as having “the heart of a flea and the brain of a shark,”

At a meeting of Shinto leaders in Tokyo, Mori described Japan as “the nation of the gods, with the Emperor at its center.”

During the election campaign of 2000, one of his most notable “slip of the tongue” happened in a speech in Niigata on June 20. When asked about recent newspaper reports that showed that roughly half of the voters still had not decided who to vote for, he replied “If they still have no interest in the election, it would be all right if they just slept in on that [election] day.”


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