Quote Japan

Interesting, odd, outrageous or informative quotes about Japan

Youth- Quotes about teenagers and young adults in Japan

Youth- Quotes about the younger generation in Japan (Gyaru etc.)

“All this is something for girls to do now that boys are hopeless: they are tied up with expectations (the job), they are zombied out (video games, porn tapes), they can’t talk, they can’t think, they just aren’t much fun. But we girls, we know how to have fun: we giggle, we scream, we have our pictures taken by the hundreds, we shop- here we come” Donald Ritchie gets inside the heads of the Shibuya panda-girl gyaru (rather him than me!)

 “His favourite form of recreation was sleeping” Ronald P Dore, mentioning a common ‘hobby’ that people seem not at all embarrassed about

“If that is the picture of the incipient juvenile delinquent, one can see why Japan has the lowest crime rates of any industrial country” Ronald P Dore

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